125 years ago today - Aug 4, 1897; Wednesday

[George Teasdale speaking:] Expressed his love for his religion, the principles of liberty and the constitution of his country. Felt that every man who had taken an oath to sustain the constitution of his country and subsequently voted in favor of the Edmunds-Tucker law, was a covenant breaker. Plural marriage was one of the principles approved by Almighty God, and the Church of Christ cannot be fully established on the earth without this principle. Referred to many of our young girls who were marrying outsiders, and said that he believed that God would yet open the way so that our young women who were willing and anxious to become virtuous wives and honored mothers would have the privilege of doing so, and there would be no necessity of marrying non-Mormons. Stated that he was in perfect harmony with his brethren, and with each and all of the principles of the gospel. ...

MARRINER W. MERRILL told of his recent visit to the Bannock and Oneida [Idaho] Stakes, also of a short mission to Montana. There have been established a branch or two of our people at different points in Montana. At Anaconda there is a branch, and there are some forty or fifty of our people located there. At Anaconda he found quite a number of Mormon girls married to non-Mormons, and in some cases they were supporting their husbands. These marriages were nearly all the result of the suspension of plural marriage, and several of the sisters informed him that they would never have contracted these marriages had they seen any opportunity of becoming the wife of a Latter-Day-Saint. They would have gladly become a plural wife in preference to the marriage which they had contracted. ...

[Lorenzo Snow:] He said the Patriarch Joseph Smith, the father of the Prophet, had stated in his patriarchal blessing, that he should have power, when not able to visit the sick, to send his handkerchief to them, and that the afflicted by touching it should be made whole. To the unbelieving, such a statement as this would be very ridiculous. But on one occasion, a sister residing at Kaysville [Utah], whose husband was very sick, and who had read Pres[iden]t. Snow's patriarchal blessing, sent from Kaysville to Brigham City [Utah] in the dead of winter, requesting him to send a handkerchief to her husband, which he did, after having first blessed it, and the brother was healed immediately upon receipt of the handkerchief.

[Heber J. Grant, Diary]

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