135 years ago today - Aug 12, 1887

The Twelve permits the former Presidency to complete its arrangements for pro-Mormon coverage from "the leading papers in New York, & other cities" by paying various newspaper editors $75,000 cash in advance, plus added $70,000 after Utah gains statehood. Heber J. Grant records: "Prest. Cannon stated that the parties with whom they were negotiating could secure the press of the country, that is the leading papers in New York, & other Cities, to write articles in favor of our admission into the Union for the sum of $74,000 Cash and an additional $70,000 after we were admitted. He stated that these figures were only about one third the amount originally asked & that the papers considered their figures very light, indeed the reduction was brought about by the influence of the parties with whom the brethren were negotiating. These parties are not members of the Democratic party and in as much as John W. Young had obtained the influence of the Democratic administration in favor of Utah's admission into the Union and the brethren generally felt that if we got influential aid from the other side that success would be almost sure to crown our labors. The general feeling was that we go ahead and do all in our power to get into the union."

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