135 years ago today - Aug 9, 1887 • Tuesday

[George Q. Cannon]

Had considerable conversation with the brethren who came in, especially with Bro. H. B. Clawson whom we sent to California to see parties there. The news that he brings is quite favorable. Brother Joseph F. Smith and myself listened to it and had a full conversation with him. Afterwards we invited President Woodruff in and gave him some outlines on the matter, without communicating to him the names of the parties; told him that we were under obligation not to reveal them, and that, as they expressed a disinclination for twelve men to be made acquainted with it, it might be necessary for the Twelve to select a committee of three to act in this matter. I had a full conversation with the brethren upon this point. I told them that, so far as I was concerned, I did not wish to have anything to do with this matter, if the brethren would excuse me. They both thought that I ought to continue my labors in that direction. Bro. Clawson also told us that the parties with whom he had been doing business depended a great deal upon me, because they were acquainted with me. However, I felt that what I knew could easily be communicated to someone else and I could give them advice, if it were right to do so. I felt to lay this matter before the Lord. There is a great deal of responsibility connected with this business and I know very well that the greater portion of it will rest upon me. I, therefore, would, if it was the Lord's will, prefer being relieved from it and let someone else take hold.

[The Journal of George Q. Cannon, Church Historian's Press, https://churchhistorianspress.org/george-q-cannon]

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