160 years ago today - Aug 16, 1862

[Joseph Knight, Jr.]

... in 1827 [1826] he [his father] hired Joseph Smith; Joseph and I worked and slept together. my Father said Joseph was the best hand he ever hired. we found him a boy of truth, he was about 21 years of age. I think it was in November [1826] he made known to my Father and I, that he had seen a vision, that a personage had appeared to him and told him <<where>> there was a gold book of ancient date buried, and if he would follow the directions of the Angel he could get it. we were told it in secret; ... he [Joseph] went to see them [the gold book], but did not go as he was told so he could not get them; as my Father has given the particulars I will skip over; at last he got the plates, and rode in my Father's wagon and carried them home.... Joseph had commenced to translate the plates, ... at last Oliver Cowdery came to write for him, then he got along faster ...

[Joseph Knight, Jr., "Joseph Knight's incidents of history from 1827 to 1844 / Aug. 16, 1862 / compiled from loose sheets / in J[oseph]. K[night].'s possession / T[homas]. B[ullock].," Joseph Knight, Jr., File, LDS Church Archives, Salt Lake City, Utah., as cited in Dan Vogel, Early Mormon Documents: Joseph Knight, Jr., History]

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