190 years ago today - Nov 27, 1832

Doctrine and Covenants 85. Duties of the church clerk, historian, recorder. They track members, life style, and activity-including apostates. Those who don't consecrate, don't get an inheritance, and they, their ancestors, and their parents won't be included among the Lord's people. One mighty and strong will come to set the church in Zion in order and arrange inheritances. Anyone who tries to interfere, will be smitten and die. Those whose names are not recorded in the book of the law of God will be treated like unbelievers.

This section was originally excerpted from a letter Joseph wrote to W. W. Phelps in 1832 (Joseph Smith to W. W. Phelps, November 27, 1832) and included in the January 1833 Evening and Morning Star article titled "Let Every Man Learn His Duty. " ... It was added to the Doctrine and Covenants in 1876.

[Kenney, Scott; Saints Without Halos, 'Doctrine and Covenants,' http://web.archive.org/web/20120805163534/saintswithouthalos.com/s/_dc.phtml]

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