115 years ago today - May 10, 1908

[Thomas A. Clawson]

"The Insergant (Sic) Republicans were active in sowing discord among the party and used a letter written by bro B.H. Roberts to Richard R. Lyman giving his reasons why Reed Smoot should not be returned back to the Senate. ... This letter was secretely circulated among the people and as D O Redout of Draper (an insurgent) said was the means which elected him to the convention. ... I think that it is full of the spirit of apostasy and makes direct slaps at and criticisms of Prest. Jos. F. Smith and is a very dangerous thing. A man cannot take the stand of B.H. Roberts and write such articles without loosing the spirit of his calling and unless he repents and turns away from such a course he will surely go as did Moses Thatcher, who today is nothing in the Church nor the Democratic Party ..."

[Diary Excerpts of Thomas A. Clawson, Signature Books Library, http://amzn.to/newmormonstudies]

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