125 years ago today - May 5, 1898; Thursday

The subject of the Word of Wisdom and its strict enforcement was brought up for discussion, Pres[ident]. L[orenzo]. Snow having raised the question whether Bishops were justified in refusing to give members of the Church recommends to the Temple because they did not observe the Word of Wisdom. Bro[ther]. J[ohn]. H[enry]. Smith inquired what was meant by hot drinks. Pres[ident]. J[oseph]. F. Smith said it was defined by Hyrum Smith in the Times and Seasons; also that he (Bro[ther]. Smith) had heard Pres[ident]. Brigham Young say that at the time the revelation on the Word of Wisdom was given prominent men in the Church were inveterate tobacco users and tea and coffee drinkers and that it was because of those practices that the Word of Wisdom was given. Pres[ident].

L[orenzo]. Snow read the revelation on the Word of Wisdom and drew special attention to that part which relates to the use of meats, which he considered just as strong as that which relates to the use of liquors and hot drinks. He also referred to the revelation which says that he that forbids the use of meat is not of God. He went on to state that Pres[ident]. [John] Taylor had expressed the view that some of the brethren talked too strongly against the drinking of tea and coffee. Bro[ther]. Snow said he was convinced that the killing of animals when unnecessary was wrong and sinful, and that it was not right to neglect one part of the Word of Wisdom and be too strenuous in regard to other parts. Pres[ident]. Woodruff said he regarded the Word of Wisdom in its entirely as given of the Lord for the Latter-day Saints to observe, but he did not think that Bishops should withhold recommends from persons who did not adhere strictly to it.

[First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve minutes]

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