170 years ago today - Jun 6, 1853 • Monday

[George Q. Cannon]

... The small pox is spreading there [Honolulu]. [[On May 15, Benjamin F. Johnson at Honolulu ominously wrote in his diary, "The small pox is in town not far from our dwelling." As the dreaded disease spread through Honolulu, yellow warning flags were raised everywhere the plague had struck, houses of victims of the disease were burned, travel in and out of the city was restricted, portions of the city were quarantined, and public gatherings were prohibited. During the smallpox outbreak, the Latter-day Saint missionaries at Honolulu were regularly called upon to bless the sick. "We made it a point to admin to all that asked it of us wether they belonged to the Church or not," Lewis wrote in late June (Lewis journal, June 27, 1853). By July the missionaries had turned "their whole attention to visiting the sick" (Reddick Allred journal, July 23, 1853). While the missionaries escaped the effects of the epidemic in spite of their constant exposure to the disease, these administrations were not without incident. On July 1, while administering to a sick woman in Honolulu, Lewis and Farrer were physically attacked by a man named Turner, who repeatedly struck them and took their consecrated oil (sacred oil used when giving blessings to the sick) (Lewis journal, July 1, 1853; Farrer diary, July 1, 1853)...]]

[The Journal of George Q. Cannon, Church Historian's Press, https://churchhistorianspress.org/george-q-cannon]

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