180 years ago today - Jun 27, 1843

Vilate Kimball writes to her husband Heber C. Kimball: "I have had a visit from brother Parley [Pratt] and his wife, they are truly converted it appears that J[oseph] has taught him some principles and told him his privilege, and even appointed one for him. I dare not tell you who it is, you would be astonished and I guess some tried. She has been to me for council. I told her I did not wish to advise in such matters. Sister [Mary Ann] Pratt has been rageing against these things. She told me herself that the devil had been in her until within a few days past. She said the Lord had shown her it was all right. She wants Parley to go ahead, says she will do all in her power to help him; they are so ingagued I fear they will run to[o] fast. They ask me many questions on principle. I told them I did not know much and I rather they would go to those that had authority to teach." The "appointed one" was Elizabeth Brotherton, the sister of Martha Brotherton, who, had refused Brigham Young's offer of plural marriage (after being locked in a room) and gone public on the subject.

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