180 years ago today - Sep 8, 1843

Mormon Nauvoo resident Charlotte Haven writes to relatives: "We hear that [Hyrum Smith] has already had some wonderful revelations not yet made public, but that a few of the elders put their heads together and whisper what they dare not speak aloud." She says of Elder George J. Adams had returned from a two-year mission in England with a new wife and child, though he already had a wife and family in Nauvoo. "I am told that his first wife is reconciled to this at first unwelcome guest in her home, for her husband and some others have reasoned with her that plurality of wives is taught in the Bible, that Abraham, Jacob, Solomon, David and indeed all the old prophets and good men, had several wives, and if right for them, it is right for the Latter Day Saints. Furthermore, the first wife will always be first in her husband's affection and the head of the household, where she will have a larger influence. Poor, weak woman! . . . I cannot believe that Joseph will ever sanction such a doctrine-"

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