"180 years ago today - Oct 9, 1843"

[Joseph Smith]

Could you gaze in[to] heaven 5 minutes you would know more than you possibly /would/ can know by read[ing] all that ever was written on the subject. We are one [and all] only capable of comprehending that certain things exist which we may acquire by certain fixed principles. ... The spirits of just men are made ministering servants to those who are sealed unto life eternal. It is through them that the sealing power comes down.

The spirit of Patriarch Adam now is /one of/ the spirits of the just men made [perfect] and if revealed now, must be revealed in fire. ...

Flesh and blood cannot go there but flesh and bones quickened by the Spirit of God can. If we would be sober and watch in fasting and prayer, God would turn away sickness from our midst, Hasten the work of the Temple, and all the work of the Last Days. Let the Elders and Saints do away [with] light mindedness and be sober.

[Faulring, Scott (ed.), An American Prophet's Record: The Diaries and Journals of Joseph Smith: Joseph Smith Diary, 1843-44, http://amzn.to/jsdiaries]

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