180 years ago today - Jan 5, 1844

Joseph dreams of "2 serpents swallowing each other tail foremost." During the cold night some people had built a fire on the shore opposite Stake President William Marks's house. Marks swears before the city council that the fire was a warning against his life. It is charged that Joseph's statement about a "Judas" was a signal to the forty special policemen to take certain action against traitorist brothers. Thirty policemen swear that they were never given any special or private instructions. After many testimonies, Wilson Law says, "I am Joseph's friend: he has no better friend in the world: I am ready to lay down my life for him." Joseph records his own thoughts: "What can be the matter with these men? Is it that . . . hit pigeons always flutter, that drowning men catch at straws, or that Presidents Law and Marks are absolutely traitors to the Church, that my remarks should produce such an excitement in their minds. Can it be possible that the traitor whom Porter Rockwellreports
to me as being in correspondence with my Missouri enemies, is one of my quorum?"

[Conkling, Christopher J., Joseph Smith Chronology]

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