Today in Mormon History - Jul 26

At the funeral of Apostle Abraham H. Cannon, President Wilford Woodruff speaks upon the topic of "the plurality of wives and to the plurality of families that men possess in this Church. It is a subject I have left alone as a general thing in all my observations and instructions before the public. . . . We have had a plurality of wives and families. The principle was introduced to this people by the revelation of God through the Prophet Joseph Smith." Cannon had taken a secret post-manifesto plural wife, with Woodruff's permission, a few months before his death. After the funeral Apostle John Henry Smith attends a meeting concerning Apostle Moses Thatcher, "It was stated by Moses Thatcher [Jr.] that he was adicted to the Morphine habbit and part of the time insane and that they must do something for him. . . . It was finally agreed to get him if possible to go of his own free will to a sanatarium in California, if he refused to do so then to insist on sending him any way." (1
-- 115 years ago today - Jul 26, 1896

The steamship Nevada sailed from Liverpool, England, with 93 Saints, under the direction of Lot Smith. The company arrived at New York Aug. 7th, and in Salt Lake City Aug. 16th. (2)
-- 140 years ago today - Jul 26, 1871 (Wednesday)

[Brigham Young] --26-- Elders Kimball, O. [Orson] Pratt, Richards, Taylor, Geo. [George] A. Smith and myself, wrote an epistle to the churches. (3)
-- 170 years ago today - Jul 26, 1841

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