Today in Mormon History - Jul 31

[Brigham Young] --31-- Met in council with the Twelve, when the following resolutions, among others, were unanimously passed:--

"That we sustain Joseph Smith as Trustee-in-Trust for the Church, and advise him to have all lands belonging to the Church deeded in his name as Trustee. That Elder Lorenzo Barnes proceed on his mission to England without delay, that Harrison Sagers go to Jamaica, Joseph Ball to South America, and Simeon Carter to Germany." (1)
-- 170 years ago today - Jul 31, 1841

[Thomas A. Clawson Diary] "Had a call from Mr Pots who who ask (Sic) me to see Bro Geo. Gibbs about his retaining his little cnady stand opposite the Lafayette School. I went with him to the Presidents (Sic) office and had quite a long talk with bro Gibbs but failed to accomplish any thing as he had made up his mind to let some one else have the place." (2)
-- 100 years ago today - Jul 31, 1911

Owing to the peculiar circumstances in which we are placed, there has been some confusion and delay connected with the sending of recommends to the House of the Lord, to be endorsed by me. To obviate this difficulty, we desire you to instruct the Saints who intend to have Temple work done, to procure their recommends sufficiently early, that they can receive them properly endorsed by me, at their own homes, before they start, instead of going to the Temple and awaiting the receipt of the recommend there by mail. If they have them in their possession before they start, they can make their arrangements for going, and for the time they will remain, and for their return, and the expense they will be at, with some degree of certainty. We therefore urge this upon your attention, and desire that you represent the advantages of this system to all the Saints in your Stakes and Wards. [John Taylor, circular letter, July 31, 1886] (3)
-- 125 years ago today - Jul 31, 1886

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2 - Diary Excerpts of Thomas A. Clawson, Signature Books Library,
3 - Anderson, Devery; The Development of LDS Temple Worship, 1846-2000: A Documentary History,

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