160 years ago today - Nov 14, 1852

[Heber C. Kimball] When we escape from this earth, (do) we suppose we are going to heaven? Do you suppose you are going to the earth that Adam came from? that Eloheim came from? where Jehovah the Lord came from? No. When you have learned to become obedient to the Father that dwells upon this earth, to the Father and God of this earth, and obedient to the messengers He sends---when you have done all that, remember you are not going to leave this earth. You will never leave it until you become qualified, and capable, and capacitated to become a father of an earth yourselves.

[Source: Journal of Discourses 1:356]

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  1. Lyman Clark & Mildred Litchfield Hardy were married 75 years ago, on Nov. 11, 1937, in the Cardston Alberta Temple. They are members of the Raymond 7th Ward, Raymond Alberta Stake. They have 7 children, 59 grandchildren, 165 great-grandchildren and 5 great-great-grandchildren. [total offspring = 236].

    [Source: Church News: "Milestones of Togetherness," Sunday, Nov.11,2012.]


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