65 years ago today - Nov 22, 1947

[David O. McKay] Marion Romneyâ€"Reported that Frank Fullmer called at the Welfare Office and asks that 8000 pounds of food, etc. be sent to Tahiti. Most of this can be filled from Welfare Supplies, and Brother Romney asked if they should make up these supplies, and bill the First Presidency for that which cannot be supplied from the Welfare Office. I asked Brother Romney what this supply would cost in cash. He said that roughly estimating, it would cost about $1000.00 I also asked him if the food would go only to our people, and Brother Romney said some of the supplies would be used by the missionaries, but the rest would go to our Saints there. It was agreed that these supplies should be sent inasmuch as there is a shortage of food in the Tahitian Mission.

[Source: David O. McKay, Diary]

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