110 years ago today - 110 years ago - Oct 12, 1905

Angus M. Cannon, in a letter to Joseph Smith, III, and his son Frederick, answers a question about Joseph Smith's polygamy. In response to the elder Smith's inquiry, "Where is the issue in evidence of my father's having married plural wives," Cannon replies: "I will now refer you to one case where it was said by the girl's grandmother that your father has a daughter born of a plural wife. The girl's grandmother was Mother Sessions, who lived in Nauvoo and died here in the valley. She was the grand-daughter of Mother Sessions . . . Aunt Patty Sessions, asserts that the girl was born within the time after your father was said to have taken the mother." Cannon was president of the Salt Lake Stake and a brother of Apostle and First Presidency counselor George Q. Cannon.

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