175 years ago today - 1840: 20 October

[Patriarchal Blessing] Howard Coray (Given by Hyrum Smith)

... You are of the Tribe of Caleb according to the manifestation of the Spirit; or a descendant of Caleb; and according to the blessings of thy lineage, are entitled to the blessings made to that Tribe ...

If you were sent to spy the land, you would not be afraid of the sons of Amos notwithstanding your infirmity; ... When you have power to heal, your enemies will say, heal yourself; and this is a word to strengthen your memory. You are entitled to the gift of prophecy; and shall have power to preach the Gospel of the kingdom unto many kindreds, nations and Tongues. For you shall have power to speak in a language which you know not... And in your day, shall the plates containing the Record of Mormon, and the Brass Plates, be brought into the bosom of the church; and also many other sacred records for the benefit of the Saints. ...

[Source: Howard Coray autobiography, LDS Archives, in Selected LDS Patriarchal Blessings, New Mormon Studies CD ROM, Signature Book, 2009, http://amzn.to/newmormonstudies]

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