Catharine Hummer

"…and looking about I saw an angel standing at my right hand, who said: "Yes, my friend, it is midnight and late; the hour of midnight is approaching; alas, what shall I sav? love has grown cool among the members. Oh, that this were not so among those who are Brethren in the faith!" … And the Saviour and the Father stood on the other side of the water, and the Saviour called the innocent by name, one after the other, to go in. …These two, the Father and the Son, stood together on the other side. Then they also came to the water and preached, the Father to the godless, the Son to the pious."

[Source: Chronicon Ephratense, pp. 268-276 in 16 Precedents to Joseph Smith's First Vision, by Thinker of Thoughts, Nov 19, 2013]

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  1. wrong year; correct dates should be Oct 3, 1762 (Sunday); and Nov 12, 1762 (Friday); verified at link below (original source):



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