160 years ago today - Sep 26, 1858

The following Dream was related which President Young [had] on Friday night Sept 24, 1858: He dreamed that 4 men came into his room and tried to get in. He tried to shoot them with his pistol but Could not get it off. He then drew a Bowie knife but found it to be a Carving knife with a saw on one side. At the same time Mr Clarkson reached over his shoulder & drew a large Bowie knife from between his shoulders & attempted to kill Presidet Young who said to him you may think that you are going to do sumthing but I will show you. He then threw his saw knife at Clarkson & Just as it was about to enter his body Brigham Young reached out his hand Caught it so that it did not hurt him saying at the same time you now see what I Can do. Clarkson said I see that my life is in your power. At the same time he plunged his knife into his own breast & split it open then handed the handle of the knife all Bloody to B. Young & walked a short distance & fell dead.

+ * (<President Kimball said that he did not want the> 12 <to pray at Bensons for he did not want them to go to a [-] house. President Young said that he did not know but Benson would [-] have wives that would home [-].>)

[Text between angled brackets ("<>") are in shorthand, Woodruff's method of encrypting sensitive diary entries. The following is from Woodruff's Historian's private Journal:]

President Brigham Young Organized a Prayer Circle in his upper room consisting of Brigham Young, Heber C. Kimball, Wilford Woodruff & G A Smith. Albert Carrington was named but not present. B. Young Prayed & H. C. Kimball was mouth. President Young wished the Twelve to meet in the Historians Closet for thare prayer Circle instead of meeting at Brother Bensons ['] I do not know but Brother Benson will always have wives who will whore it. Brother Kimball said that Brother Benson had been informed of the conduct of his first wives who were guilty of whoredoms but he had made no change concerning them as he was advised to do. I do not wish to have the Twelve meet in an unholy place ['] President Young did not wish to have any thing said about our prayer Circle but directed G. A. Smith to write it down in a private journal.

[Woodruff Journal]

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