130 years ago today - Mar 13, 1889

At the First Presidency residence, Wilford Woodruff, George Q. Cannon, Joseph F. Smith, Franklin D. Richards, John Henry Smith, Moses Thatcher, and Heber J. Grant met to reprimand John W. Taylor for making public remarks that polygamy was not a dead issue and would not be abandoned. Confronted by Wilford Woodruff, Taylor insists that anyone who claimed that polygamy was not mandatory misunderstood the principle. Taylor makes a number of other accusations, but under pressure from colleagues he eventually agrees to make things right. In light of recent federal legislation the church was trying to eliminate public acknowledgment of new plural marriages. President Wilford Woodruff and counselor George Q. Cannon visits the Utah Territorial Penitentiary, "There were over 100 of the Saints there including a Dozon Bishops. They all looked Clean & Comfortable for a Prision."

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