175 years ago today - Thursday, Mar 14, 1844

[Benjamin F. Johnson]
About this time was organized his private council of Fifty,-the embryo kingdom of God upon the earth-an organization distinct from the Church, a nucleus of popular government which will exist for all people when heathen are given [up] for an inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth as a possession "to Him whose right it is to reign"; a government formed of representatives from every nation, principality or tribe upon the earth; a government of God for the people and by the people, in which man will be taught to know his origin and to govern himself, which will continue through the millennial period as the outer wall or government around the inner temple of priesthood, until all are come to the knowledge of God.

[Benjamin F. Johnson autobiography, 87, as quoted in Jedediah S. Rogers (editor), The Council of Fifty: A Documentary History, Signature Books (2014)]

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