150 years ago today - Oct 26, 1869


Our attention has been called of late to several articles which have appeared in the Utah Magazine, a weekly periodical, published in this city. An examination of them has convinced us that they are erroneous, opposed to the spirit of the Gospel, and calculated to do injury. According to the practice in the Church, teachers were sent to labour with the editor and publishers, to point out to them the evil results which would follow a persistence in the course they were pursuing. This did not have the desired effect, and they have since been tried before the High Council, and after a thorough and patient investigation of the case, it was found they had imbibed the spirit of apostacy to that degree that they could not any longer be fellowshipped, and they were cut off from the Church.

The Utah Magazine is a periodical that, in its spirit and teachings, is directly opposed to the work of God. Instead of building up Zion, and uniting the people, its teachings, if carried out, would destroy Zion, divide the people asunder, and drive the Holy Priesthood from the earth. Therefore we say to our brethren and sisters in every place, the Utah Magazine is not a periodical suitable for circulation among or perusal by them, and should not be sustained by Latter-day Saints.

We hope this will be sufficient, without ever having to refer to it again. Your Brethren, BRIGHAM YOUNG, WILFORD WOODRUFF, GEORGE A. SMITH, GEORGE Q. CANNON, DANIEL H. WELLS, JOSEPH F. SMITH. ORSON PRATT

[To President Charles C. Rich and David P. Kimball,To all Bishops; Deseret News, Oct. 26, 1869; MS 31:770 (November 24, 1869) as quoted in Clark, James R., Messages of the First Presidency (6 volumes)]

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