175 years ago today - Oct 19, 1844

[William Clayton]

Last night I dreamed I was in a nice building in a very pleasant place. I thought I was married to brother Cutlers youngest daughter & she seemed as happy as an angel and I felt full of joy and peace. I thought I had received Miss Cutler in addition to those I had already got. When I awoke I felt disappointed and felt to pray in my heart O God if it be thy will give me that women for a companion and my soul shall praise thee but they will be done and not mine. ... Sister Booth tells me that Sara Ann is very unhappy and wants to see me. she says Jane Charnock is perfectly unhappy and if there is any way she can be loosed she wants me to take her. Mary Aspen is ready to unite to me as her savior and sister Booth says she shall not risk her salvation in Roberts hands & wants me to interfere. We had considerable conversation on many subjects and felt pretty well.

[The Nauvoo Diaries of William Clayton, 1842-1846, Abridged, Digital Edition, Salt Lake City, Utah, 2015]

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