165 years ago today - 160 years - Dec 25, 1854

[Hosea Stout]

Monday 25 Dec 1854. This is a merry christmas here warm pleasant & cloudy day. Drunken soldiers were seen strolling the streets at an earley hour who seemed be hunting a fight to gratify the appetite which was created last saturday at the Theatre. After a small knock down with a few soldiers & our people which only served to warm the citizen blod, a large number had assembled in the streets on both sides when a general out break ensued which soon resulted an a regular melee[.] In a few moments the soldiers give ground a short distance leaving two of their number on the ground whether dead or not as yet I do not know

Both sides rallied again with sticks clubs & stonesthe work going on briskly when the soldiers introduced their guns fired some five rounds not hitting any one however at which a large number of sitizens ran home to arm. Every thing bid fair to have a general engagement. The U. S. officers present done every thing in their power to stop the soldiers and The city Marshal meantime rallied the police to restrain and disperse the now enfurriated citizens which was hapily done before many had arrived with arms otherwise it must have proved a serious day to many engaged in it.

The soldiers were immediately but in barracks (and [crossed out]) the remainder of the day. Hopkins[.] Pender, E. Everett & Brigham Young Jr were some hurt but not seriously

[Diaries of Hosea Stout]

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