190 years ago today - Dec 30, 1829

Ethan Smith offers opening prayers and heads a committee at the three-day Antimasonic State Convention of Massachusetts. The committee was appointed "to inquire how far Free Masonry and French Illuminism [the Illuminati] are connected." Their report finds a '"two-fold ... horrid scheme" to destroy Christian government and religion "... they soon began to boast among themselves of the power of secret societies ... and Speculative Masonry ... as a most fit cover for [Illuminism's] occult operations."' Ethan Smith feels Voltaire's goal was to destroy Christianity through philosophy.

A Mr. Bowman suggests "secret and selfish combinations, with the spirit and principles of Masonry, had existed in all ages."(Moses 5:31, 35; Alma 37:30-31; Ether 8:19, 22; 14:8, 10; 9:1; 13:18; 2 Ne. 9:9; 26:22; Hel. 3:23; 3 Ne. 4:29; Morm. 8:27; D&C 42:64)

[Grunder, Rick, Mormon Parallels: A Bibliographic Source]

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