130 years ago today - Jan 30, 1890

[Patriarchal Blessing of James Henry Martineau]

... And from the days of thy birth His angel had charge concerning thee ... thou shalt become a Prince and a Patriarch, a Prophet and a Seer: and thou and thy Sons shall be an arm of power, even to be as the horns of Ephraim in assisting to push together the people, and to establish them upon the land of their inheritance. And when the cities of the Gentiles are waste, behold thou shalt go forth with thy children and they children's children to redeem the waste places ... they shall rise up and call thee blessed all the days of thy life, and carry thy name and thy fame in honor throughout all generations of Time.

The treasures of the earth shall be unto thee in great fullness, whereby thou shalt be able to assist in bringing to pass the redemption of Zion, the rearing of His holy temple ... it is even thy privilege to live to see the holy temple reared in Zion, and the glory of the Lord resting upon its towers, and to minister therein ...

[Patriarchal Blessing of James Henry Martineau by Benjamin F. Johnson on January 30, 1890]

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