140 years ago today - Jan 10, 1880

[Patriarchal Blessing of Martha Cox ]

... You will become a prophetess, and the glory of the Highest will rest abundantly upon you. You will go with your husband to the Center State of Zion, for there will be your inheritance. You will have prepared for you a mansion that will be very great, and in that you will see the Lamb of God, and, will talk with him face to face, and a part of His glory will rest abundantly upon you. Your children will witness and receive a part of that glory. And strangers from a far country will visit you and your posterity, and they will eat and drink with you and will tell you many things. They will hand you a roll of your dead, and in that will be the name of your dead & theirs. You will go with your husband and children into the Temple of the Lord, and there you will accomplish a great and mighty work for your dead for they are crying for help to day to redeem them out of their prison, for the Gospel of the Lamb of God has been preached to them. ...

You will witness the return of the ten tribes from the North. You will see John the beloved disciple of Jesus, and you will receive a word f comfort from him. And his glory will be round about you, and when your eyes behold him, you will know him by name. ... You will wait patiently for the coming of the Son of Man and will see Him and His Saints with Him for you will be caught up to meet them and return with them to that great feast the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. You will sit down at the table with your family and partake of its rich bounties. There you will see the Lamb of God in His Glory and you will receive a part of His likeness. And I bless you in your body that it may become strong to accomplish this work with an eye single to His Glory. I seal you up to eternal life, and upon your head a crown of Glory that will never fade away, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

[Patriarchal Blessing of Martha Cox by William G. Perkins]

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