175 years ago today - Jan 14, 1845

[Patriarchal Blessing of Jesse N. Smith]

... I pray my Heavenly Father in the name of Jesus to preserve thy life and health, even unto the coming of the Saviour ... Angels shall be thy constant companions and thou shalt often converse with them; they shall defend thee from all dangers, heal thy sickness and beat back the power of the destroyer. ... And if thou wilt seek after knowledge, and be sober-minded, thou shalt be like Mormon of old, and shalt be a mighty man in the ministry and a mighty warrior. Thou shalt handle the sword of Laban with such power as to put ten thousand of thine enemies to flight with the help of thy brother. Thy name shall be terrible among thine enemies. ... Thou shalt live to see Israel gathered from the four corners of the earth, to see all the enemies of the Lord swept from off the face of the earth, and cleansed from wickedness, and the Saviour stand upon it; and thou shalt stand in His presence. ...

[Typescript, Michael Marquardt papers]

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