25 years ago today - Nov 2, 1995

The announcement that Presiding Bishop Merrill J. Bateman will be the new president of BYU, effective 1 Jan. He is also appointed a member of the First Quorum of the Seventy. Despite Bateman's Ph.D. in economics from MIT, the appointment of a general authority to BYU's helm has the appearance of guaranteeing that the LDS hierarchy will not need to deal with a vigorous advocate for academic freedom at the largest LDS campus. This is how the Chronicle of Higher Education views it. Within months Bateman is the center of national controversy over his speech to BYU students against moral relativism, the published version of which lifts numerous phrases (without quotation marks) from a recently published article by neo-conservative scholar Gertrude Himmelfarb. She is cited (with quotation marks) for only one sentence and phrase of many that Bateman's speech/article interweaves with slight changes in a manner familiar to anyone who has read plagarized papers by freshman students. Bateman publicly apologizes to Himmelfarb and insists that the controversy is about "one" misplaced quotation mark, yet the public image remains that BYU's president participates in the "moral relativism" he condemns.

[The Mormon Hierarchy - Extensions of Power by D. Michael Quinn, [New Mormon History database (http://bit.ly/NMHdatabase)]]

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