105 years ago today - Apr 13, 1916

[Heber J. Grant]

We all felt to sincerely thank the Lord that Brother McKay was able to be with us today. Three weeks ago today he was very seriously injured in an automobile accident in Ogden canyon. A rope stretched across the canyon caught him in the mouth and tore nearly all of his teeth out by the roots and very badly lacerated his face. His head was thrown back so that the rope struck him in the mouth. Had the rope caught him in the chin it would undoubtedly have meant death and if it had caught him in the eyes he would have been blinded for life. As it is his face will be scarred for life undoubtedly. It seems that he had a very strong impression not to cross the bridge in Ogden canyon, and that his brother Thomas E., with whom he was riding, said before reaching the bridge, 'Do not cross the bridge.' Had he acted on this impression the accident would not have occurred.

[The Diaries of Heber J. Grant, 1880-1945, Abridged, Digital Edition Salt Lake City, Utah, 2015]

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