55 years ago today - Apr 24, 1966

Apostle Gordon B. Hinckley dedicates a specially constructed stage at the BYU film studio for filming a new version (known as "Project # 100") of the endowment ceremony. This is the second endowment film made. The first one was shot in the Salt Lake Temple. The cast of Project #100 is Adam: Max Mason Brown, Eve: Marielen Wadley Christensen; Lucifer: Lael Woodbury; Minister: Morris Clinger; Peter: Harold I. Hansen; James: Douglas Clawson; John: Max Golightly; Elohim voice: Dan Keeler; Jehovah voice: Carl Pope; Narrator: Glen Shaw. The production crew is Camera: Robert Stum and Dalvin Williams, Lighting: Grant Williams and R. Steven Clawson; Casting: Keith Atkinson, David Jacobs and Judd Pierson; Sound: Kenneth Hansen and Sharrol Felt; Set Design: Douglas Johnson and Robert Stum; Research: Scott Whitaker and Douglas Johnson; Script Girl: Marilyn Finch; Editing: Frank S. Wise; Director: Wetzel O. Whitaker.

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