125 years ago today - Apr 19, 1896

Joseph F. Smith preaches: "It is an established rule in the Church, and the discipline of the Church requires that a member of the Fourth ward desiring to remove to the First ward shall make application to the Bishop of the Fourth ward and shall say to him in effect: "Bishop, I have determined to move out of this ward, and my purpose is now to settle in the First ward, and I desire from you a letter of recommendation, that I can carry with me, certifying that I am a member of the Church, in good fellowship in the Fourth ward, so that I may be entitled to be received as a member of the Church, in good standing, in the ward to which I shall remove." The Bishop of the Fourth ward, agreeable to his request, issues a letter of standing to him, certifying that he and his family are members of the Church, in good standing, in his ward, and as such he recommends them to the confidence and fellowship of any ward that they may desire to join. Now, no man is exempt from this discipline of the Church. No man can override this rule and still be regarded as a member in good standing. The moment a man undertakes to take the bit in his own mouth and say, "I will not ask my Bishop for a letter of standing; I will move to where I please, and claim standing in the Church wherever I please to locate," that moment he becomes insubordinate and certainly could not be regarded as a member in good standing or as a type of good membership in the Church."

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