125 years ago today - Apr 1, 1896

Lorenzo Snow ... Felt that the influence of the Apostles was very great, and that we were great before we came to this earth. Felt sure that we held high offices before we came here ... Referred to the prayer of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to his Father, asking the Father to glorify him with that same glory which he had before he came to this world, and felt that we should pray the same as the Savior had done ... It was his belief that President Brigham Young would be living today, if the Prophet Joseph Smith had not asked to have him come and assist him in his labors ... Marriner Wood Merrill ... The time will come when this nation will ask to have the law of plural marriage established, and it will be practiced again in Israel. Plural marriage is a trial for men as well as women. Was doing all he could to be true to his family. ... Pres[iden]t. [Lorenzo] Snow stated that he was in England with Bro[ther]. [Parley P.] Pratt when reports came from Nauvoo [Illinois] to the effect that the doctrine of plural marriage was being taught. Pres[iden]t. Snow said that the principle was just as true today as it ever was, and bore his testimony to the effect that it will again be practiced by this people. Abraham H. Cannon expressed gratitude at listening to the testimony Pres[iden]t. Snow. He had never had a doubt since arriving at manhood, but that plural marriage was a true principle of the Gospel. Stated that he had been true to his family, and had divided his time as near as may be equally with his wives. Believed that plural marriage would yet be practiced by this Church, and acknowledged all right by this nation. Pres[iden]t. Lorenzo Snow stated that it was his belief that the Lord would soon arrange matters that those brethren who have wives can live with them and raise families by them. Believed that the Lord would assist us in softening the hearts of officials. He said he felt to bless the brethren in keeping their covenants with families and living with them. Francis M. Lyman testified to the truthfulness of the remarks of Bro[ther]. [Marriner Wood] Merrill regarding plural marriage. He felt that when the time came that this principle was again established among the people, he thought that men would be selected to enter into this principle, and not be allowed to do so from mere choice, as had been the case in years gone by. He felt that no man, unless he was a servant of God in very deed should be permitted to marry more than one wife. ...

[Minutes, as quoted in Minutes of the Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1835-1951, Electronic Edition, 2015]

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