180 years ago today - Apr 5, 1841

Louisa Beaman (single, age 26) marriage to Joseph Smith

Though Mormon history and press indicate Beaman was not baptized until May 11, 1843, she had migrated with Mormons to Nauvoo in 1839 or 1840. She has been called the "first plural wife of the Prophet Joseph Smith" [although he had at least one earlier relationship]. After Smith's death, Beaman remarried, becoming the ninth wife of Brigham Young. They had five children together, all of whom predeceased Beaman, who died young at age 35. Listed as a Smith plural wife by Joseph F. Smith, who noted 1869 affidavit of Beaman's brother-in-law Joseph B. Noble, stating he officiated at the wedding, William Clayton said Smith told him in February 1843 that Beaman was one of his plural wives. This would have been prior to her baptism.

[Wikipedia: List of the Wives of Joseph Smith, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_the_wives_of_Joseph_Smith]

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