180 years ago today - May 26, 1841

Joseph Smith writes to Thomas Sharp, editor of the WARSAW SIGNAL: "SIR-You will discontinue my paper-its contents are calculated to pollute me, and to patronize the filthy sheet-that tissue of lies-that sink of iniquity-is disgraceful to any moral man. Yours, with utter contempt, JOSEPH SMITH. P.S. Please publish the above in your contemptible paper." Sharp publishes Smith's letter with the introduction: "In our paper of week before last, we took occasion to express an honest opinion in relation to the Mormons, and some of their leaders -an opinion which we believe is concurred in by nine-tenths of the community. No sooner, however, had our paper reached Nauvoo, than it caused the following highly important revelation to be forwarded us, from his holiness, the Prophet." This is Sharps first published sarcasm towards the Mormons but from now on he refers to Smith as "His Holiness."

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