55 years ago today - May 21, 1966

While Paul H. Dunn was working at the USC Institute, he completed an E.D. at the same institution. His doctoral diss. was a comparison of "what the Brethren thought ought to be taught, and what was being taught." Dunn said "They were miles apart. . . . I went through all of the curriculum of the college institute program to see if we were doing what the Brethren said we ought to do. That is where we found some real discrepancies. I made a recommendation of what we ought to be dong. When I became a General Authority, Brother [Harold B.] Lee said, "You'll never know how much that impressed me.'"

[Prince, David O. McKay and the Rise of Modern Mormonism, by Greg Prince p. 144, Interview with Paul H. Dunn, May 21, 1996.]

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