175 years ago today - Aug 19, 1846

[Letter to Mormon Battalion]

Camp of Israel, Omaha Nation, Cutler's Park, August 19, 1846. To Captain Jefferson Hunt and the Officers, and Soldiers of the Mormon Battalion:- We have the opportunity of sending to Fort Leavenworth this morning, by Dr. Reed, a package of twenty-five letters, which we improve, with this word of counsel to you all: If you are sick, live by faith, and let surgeon's medicine alone if you want to live, using only such herbs and mild foods as are at your disposal. If you give heed to this counsel, you will prosper; but if not, we cannot be responsible for the consequences. A hint to the wise is sufficient.

In behalf of the Council, BRIGHAM YOUNG, President. W. Richards, Clerk.

[1846-August 19-RCH 2:239, in Clark, James R., Messages of the First Presidency (6 volumes)]

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