50 years ago today - Aug 24, 1971

[Harvey Fletcher]

"You know they're not always agreeing in the Twelve on some of these things, particularly when it deals with science. He (now referring to brother [John A.] Widtsoe) said brother Joseph Fielding Smith and brother [James E.] Talmage used to have it pretty hot sometimes, and he said that brother Talmage, see he talked about fossils and that was part of his subject as a geologist, went down to Adam-ondi-aman where the altar of Adam is supposed to be and he had a pick and picked around through it and finally found a fossil right in the cement of this altar. He found two or three of them and brought them up and put them in a bag and brought them home. He said he came back at one of the meetings of the Twelve, and he said, 'Now brother Joseph, I understand that you thoroughly believe and are very sure that the first man on earth was Adam, the first life was Adam.' He said, 'I certainly do believe that.' He said, 'Well, what about these?' then, he handed out the fossils, and said, 'I found those in the altar.'"

[Oral History of BYU, #17, Harvey Fletcher, p. 11, in reference to Correspondence from First Presidency, Letter to Eugene T. Thompson (http://zackc.files.wordpress.com/2011/06/correspondence-from-first-presidency-in-re-fletchers-reminiscences.pdf, referenced 10.20.2014)]

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