30 years ago today - Aug 12, 1991

Associated Press Story: "Mormon Church officials lied when they said they had no way of 'finally verifying' whether a former church official's accounts of his war and baseball experiences were accurate, a reporter claimed Saturday. Lynn Packer, whose research into Paul H. Dunn's stories showed several had been fabricated, said members of the faith's Quorum of the Twelve Apostles were well aware the stories were false when Dunn was abruptly retired from the church's hierarchy in 1989 for reasons of 'health and age.' Packer told an audience at the Sunstone Symposium that church leaders had conducted at least two internal inquiries into the veracity of Dunn's stories and whether he had falsified copies of tax documents. The second investigation was headed by a church attorney, Harry Pugsley, with whom Packer, a Mormon, said he cooperated. 'His report, confirming the allegations, was delivered to the Quorum of the Twelve just couple of weeks before Paul Dunn was given emeritus status,' Packer said."

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