120 years ago today - Mar 8, 1902

[First Presidency to Stake President Joseph Morrell]

... The measures recently introduced into the Congress of the United States so amending the Constitution as to make polygamy a crime are the results of the combined actions of the sectarian ministers of the nation, done for the purpose of bringing reproach upon the name of our State and odium upon us as a community; and through systematic efforts on their part numerous petitions are now being gotten up and sent to their Congressmen urging the enactment into law of these measures.

Deeming it proper that we should take some step to prevent if possible so unjust and uncalled for a proceeding, we have caused to be drafted the enclosed document in the form of a petition to Congress; and believing that the fair-minded, non-Mormon element of the State would willingly sign it, we would like you to present the same to those of Logan for their signature, or enlist the sympathy and services of some influential non-Mormon friend to do it. We suggest that all who sign it give their occupation, business or profession.

Your Brethren, JOSEPH F. SMITH, JOHN R. WINDER, ANTHON H. LUND, First Presidency.

[1902-March 8-Original letter Church Historian's Library, in Clark, James R., Messages of the First Presidency (6 volumes)]

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