125 years ago today - Jun 30, 1897 • Wednesday

[George Q. Cannon]

At 10 o'clock there was a meeting at the office of Zion's Savings Bank & Trust Co, and a dividend of 6% was declared. I moved that Brother Heber J. Grant should be paid $2.50, which is the fee given to each member when he is present, for the last meeting, which he was unable to attend on account of his sickness. This passed without any objection. I then made a motion, "that hereafter any director, who is unavoidably detained from attending a meeting of the Board of Directors of this bank, shall be paid the usual fee for such meeting." Brother H. B. Clawson seconded it. Brother Joseph F. Smith had announced to me yesterday, when I told him that I intended to introduce a resolution of this kind, that he was opposed to it and would not favor it. He did oppose it in quite an earnest manner. After he had sat down, I gave my reasons for moving the resolution. My views were endorsed by all present, I think – at least, all who spoke took the view that it was a proper resolution. President Woodruff said nothing, neither did President Snow, nor Brother Webber; but they all signified by their manner that they were in favor of it. But Brother Joseph F. Smith had announced that he would not vote for it, and he stuck to his resolution. I was not disposed to enter into any argument about it, and did not; but Brother Lyman and he, and Brother Grant and he, did exchange arguments. When I found that he would not vote for it, I said I would withdraw the motion, because I did not want division on a question of that kind, if Brother Clawson would withdraw his second, which he did, and the matter dropped.

[The Journal of George Q. Cannon, Church Historian's Press, https://churchhistorianspress.org/george-q-cannon]

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