155 years ago today - Jun 1, 1867

[Stephen S. Harding]

... When I was in Palmyra in 1829, I went with Joe Smith, at his special request, to his father's house, in company with Martin Harris and Oliver Cowdery, for the purpose of hearing read his wonderful "translations" from the sacred plates. This was before these revelations had been given to the world in the printed "Book of Mormon." Subsequently, after the printing contract had been concluded between Grandin and Harris, I was in the printing-office with yourself, and also the three pioneer Mormons named, when the proof-sheet of the first form of the book, including the title-page, was revised by you. A corrected impression of it was passed around to the young prophet and his attendant disciples, all of whom appeared to be delighted with the dawning of the new gospel dispensation, and it was accepted by Smith as "according to revelation."

[Pomeroy Tucker, Origin, Rise, and Progress of Mormonism (New York: D. Appleton and Co., 1867), 280-81, 284-87., as cited in Dan Vogel, Early Mormon Documents: Stephen S. Harding To Pomeroy Tucker]

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