160 years ago today - Jun 16, 1862

Brother Briant Stringham arived this morning & brought the news of the surrender last Evening and He brought the septure & Crown of Joseph Morris the fals Prophet and two other septres. The septre of Morris was 5 feet in length. The botton was 8 square run to a point tiped with Iron. 10 inches of the middle was 8 square upon which was written in the different letters the following words:

(To All Nations and People, Off All Languages that now dwell upon the Earth, Be it known unto you, That I am sent by the Great king of kings and Lord of Lords to rule over all Adams Posterity and being his Representative I hold in my hand this Emblem of Power unto which all the Nations and kingdoms of the Earth Must bow for I am the Legitimate Ruler over all the Earth And my Authority is sanctioned by the first God. Therefore I hold in my hand an Emblem of Power to represent His septre which will shortly be Given unto me. I Am Joseph Morris President of the Melchisedec Priesthood.)

On the End of the septre was a Ball 15 inches in Circumference. They also brought two other smaller septres One Containing the following words:

(Behold I am Daniel Smith Even Number Seven and I present myself with this rod in my Hand before this people and also before all mankind in the stead of the seventh first born son of Adam, to Represent or foreshadow his name Number and inscription He being the seventh ruler over all Abrahams seed Even over the Elect of God.)

The other septre Contained the same as the one above ownly it said Behold I am Hugh Park Even Number five. The Crown was tin painted yellow, with red Cloth stufed inside with a small wooden top with a wooden botton with a tin tube to put a stick in to carry around.

The whole Concern shows to what Extent fals Prophets & fanaticism will go. These things were Exhibited in front of the office and hundreds of men women and Children Came to see them and there seemed to be much excitement amoung the people.

The body of Peter Wahlen was brought into the City at 1 oclok. I went down to see the body. He was a fine looking young man. He was shot with a large Ball through the top of the Head & fall dead & never spoke. He was a Jerman by birth & a single man.

The bodies of Joseph Morris & John Banks was brought into the City at 4 oclok & taken to the City Hall By order of [ ]. Their bodies were dressed & washed. I examined them. John Banks was shot with one ball through the neck. Joseph Morris was shot with one ball through the Head & two in the breast & shoulders. They were soon in readiness to be Exhibited to the public. There was near 2,000 people men women & Children in a Croud wishing to see the bodies but they were in a small room and there was such a Croud that after a few had seen them the doors were Closed & they were not Exhibited any more.

[Wilford Woodruff's Journal: 1833-1898 Typescript, Volumes 1-9, Edited by Scott G. Kenney, Signature Books 1993, http://amzn.to/newmormonstudies]

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