175 years ago today - Jun 3, 1847

[Hosea Stout]

... Prests O. [Orson] Hyde P. [Parley] P. Pratt and John Taylor also came in so I stoped saying I had been catched twice

Elder Taylor replied to go on and not stop for them. I told him it was nothing but a police meeting and not interesting to them.

"Never mind says he we are police men too".

Says I."I hope you will all conform to the rules of the police then"."Certainly" says Taylor"Bring on the jug" says I at which they were presented with a large jug of whiskey.

This was such an unexpected turn that it was only answered by a peal of laughter & they all paid due respect to the jugno more was said about our subject.

After drinking says Parley"I have traveled these streets all times of the night & never before have I saw a police man but now I know where to find them hereafter" alluding to the jug

"Parley" says I "do you not know that some things in this kingdom are only spiritually diserned & so with the police". He give it up and Hyde pronounced the joke on Parley[.] ...

[Diaries of Hosea Stout]

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