180 years ago today - Jun 5, 1842

Revelation Given to J. Smith Nauvoo

June 5th. A.D. 1842 - - - - -.

As the word of the Lord was unto Pharoah King of Egypt by the mouth of Ezikiel the Prophet. EZ 32 & 33ÃÂ [sic] so is the word of the Lord unto this generation by the mouth of Joseph Smith. If they Repent not, they shall be herld down to Hell. Also to you Latter day Saints Repent & forsake your sins or you shall likewise suffer - verily thus saith the Lord to those that encourage Mobs to opose & distress the Mormons (remember) the same mobs that you encourage shall return to your own houses & Bosom & shall distress you & shall spread death & distruction in your midst yea there shall be some here to day who shall witness the same & acknowledge this to be the word of the Lord - others to their shame & everlasting condemnation. Remember O ye L.D. Saints & Perish not. Repent of your evil doeing [sic] lest ye be herld down to Hells [sic] with Pharoah & his hosts - but if you will turn to the Lord & remember to give him glory & you shall live this shall Be a sign unto you when itshall come to Pass -

[John D. Lee Diary, in The Words of Joseph Smith by Joseph Smith by Andrew F. Ehat and Lyndon W. Cook]

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