195 years ago today - Jun 1, 1827

WAYNE SENTINAL ARTICLE "Deciphering of Hieroglyphics," describes the work of Professor Seyffarth of Leipzig, who was translating Egyptian antiquities in Rome. Seyffarth "found the picture of a Jew in bonds, and other allusions to the state of slavery to which the Jews were reduced. He added, that he had found the old and new testaments in the Sefific, and the Pentateuch in the Memphitic dialect; and a Mexican manuscript in hieroglyphics, from which he inferred, that the Mexicans and Egyptians had intercourse with each other from the remotest antiquity, and that they had the same system of mythology." Three decades later the same Gustav Seyffarth studies the Joseph Smith papyri at Wyman's St. Louis Museum, claimed to be writings of Abraham and Joseph, and declares them to be Egyptian funeral documents.

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