130 years ago today - Sep 16, 1892 • Friday

[George Q. Cannon]

The First Presidency went down to Mr. Dallin's studio, at his request, where we found Capt. Willard Young. Our purpose was to examine a statue of President Young which Mr. Dallin had nearly finished. It is 10 feet in height, and will stand on a pedestal 21 feet high. On one side of the pedestal will be an Indian, on another will be a trapper, on another will be an emigrant, and on another will be a beehive with an eagle upon it. These figures are to represent the condition of the Territory—first the Indian, next the trapper, next the settler. President Young stands with a cane in his right hand and his left hand extended. I criticized the eyes somewhat. Both appeared to me to turn in a little too much. The nose also was not as aquiline as the President's nose in life. Otherwise the statue I think is very fine.

[The Journal of George Q. Cannon]

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