165 years ago today - Sep 12, 1857

At Jacob Hamblin's ranch, 4 miles from the Mountain Meadows killing field, John D. Lee (sleeping on his saddle blanket with his saddle for a pillow) is awakened by an argument between Col. William Dame and Lt. Col. Isaac Haight. After breakfast they continue on to Mountain Meadows to secure property and supervise burial of the dead. Upon seeing the sight Dame and Haight argued over whether Dame ordered it or not. The bodies are stripped of any valuables but many bodies are either left unburied or buried so shallowly that animals dig them up and wild animals and buzzards eat flesh from their bones. Stake President Haight told the men, "thay had been priveleged to keep a part of their covenant to avenge the blood of the prophets." The men then held a prayer circle (left hand on shoulder of man next to him, right arm to the square) with John Higbee, Isaac Haight, John D. Lee, and William Dame in the center, facing the four points of the compass. Stake president Haight led the men in a solemn oath never to discuss the matter and "to help kill all who proved to be traitors to the Church or people in this matter."

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