165 years ago today - Sep 9, 1857

Emigrant George Powers meets William H. Dame (Colonel in Mormon militia) at Parowan and asks if he could not raise a company to relieve the besieged train at Mountain Meadows. Dame, the senior Mormon military officer in southern Utah replies, "that he could go out and take them away in safety, but he dared not; he dared not disobey counsel." Mormon militia Lt. Col. Isaac C. Haight dispatches troops from Cedar City to Mountain Meadows where most of the Paiutes have left.

At night the besieged emigrants devise a plan to alert the outside world to their plight. They send William Aden on horseback through enemy lines to get help. Aden is shot down by Mormons after approaching their campsite.

Courier James Holt Haslam (carrying a letter from Haight to Brigham Young asking for orders) reaches Nephi. He pauses for breakfast and will stop again at Payson, Provo and American Fork to change horses.

Brigham Young walks with U.S. Army Captain Van Vliet through Albert Carrington's garden and orchard. Van Vliet asks Mrs. Carrington "if she was willing to Cut down her fine peach orchard for her faith & Religin. She said yes and would set up nights to do it if it became necessary."

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